“Claire West was my occupational therapist after a serious traumatic fracture to my right wrist. The injury was followed by surgical repair with a carpal tunnel release procedure. I then experienced a rare and adverse complication called CRPS or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Claire was so very attentive, patient, caring and compassionate during this most difficult time. She is bright, well informed, and kept communications open and timely with regards to my surgeon and also with me. I am a physician and very selective with the people I use for my health care. I highly recommend Claire without reservation for any patient needing an outstanding occupational therapist for hand rehabilitation.”

Patricia A Bentley, MD

“I was in a car accident that amputated my olecranon. I had several surgeries to try and recreate my elbow. Claire was my therapist and I know she is the reason why I am able to continue my career as a labor and delivery nurse. I spent over 100 rehabilitation therapy sessions with Claire encouraging me and pushing me further than I thought I was ever capable of going. She would not give up on me and refused to let me give up on myself. Because of Claire I have the use of my arm. In the beginning I tried someone closer to home and it took one visit to realize I wanted only Claire to work with me. I drove 45 minutes each way for every session and it was worth it! Claire is an exceptional, talented, knowledgeable OT.”

Tammy T.

“I required a hand therapist following surgery with hardware placed in my wrist. Claire is  proficient in the anatomy of the wrist/hand  and explained my worries away of not being able to ever use my hand as before. She spent most of the time doing manual therapy; bringing movement and circulation to my hand.  Passive modalities are helpful but the improvements to my wrist, hand and fingers were from her hands on expertise. Another quality which she brings to her practice is a vibrant heart. Claire oozes compassion, warmth and caring which brought me even more healing! Thank you Claire!”

Sandra E.

“Claire was instrumental in helping me to recover after a severe break to my left ulna bone and a radial head replacement. I fully credit her expertise as the primary reason I was able to regain my mobility and functionality and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone with the right combination of knowledge, skill, compassion and dedication.”


“Claire West saved my life.
In May of 2014 I was in a very serious car accident and suffered a badly broken arm which required surgery.  Soon thereafter we realized that much worse than the broken arm, the accident resulted in my suffering from a serious neurological complication called CRPS, which is caused by physical trauma.  CRPS is one of the most painful medical conditions known and can result in permanent disability.  It causes extreme swelling of digits and limbs and renders that part of the body unusable.  Even scarier, CRPS can spread from one limb to another and can be so severe that the victim cannot use his or her hands or feet and can become an invalid.  There is no known cure for CRPS and there is no medicine for it.  The only way to treat it is therapy.  Fortunately, I lucked upon Claire West as my Occupational Therapist.

Needless to say, when I started Occupational Therapy with Claire I was in tremendous pain and was frightened of the possibility of becoming permanently incapacitated.  My left arm, hand and fingers had all become extremely swollen and tender, with my fingers swollen like fat sausages and locked in a curved, clawlike position.  The goal with therapy was 1) to help me get some use back of my left arm, hand and fingers and 2) to curb the effects of CRPS so it would not spread.  When I first started seeing Claire, I went three times per week.  I could not use my hand or fingers at all and could not even bend or move my fingers.  In the beginning, Claire would gently bend, manipulate and stretch my fingers, pressing each finger at each joint, and my hand, as well as my elbow and shoulder.  This was all extremely painful, especially on my fingers.

As my pain started to decrease I gradually gained more movement, the therapy regimen increasingly grew with Claire adding more exercises and various pieces of equipment. At the same time, Claire continued the manipulation of my hand and fingers, increasing the pressure to get me more movement in my fingers. .”  It was clear that Claire was working hard physically, using her strength to help me get mine back.  The only way to make progress was to push.  And Claire did.

My therapy continued for almost two years.  At the end, the doctor who first diagnosed the CRPS was amazed at the progress I had made.  He said that I had one of the best recoveries from CRPS that he had ever seen and was impressed with the flexibility, movement and strength I had regained, all of which were better than what he had thought I would be able to achieve. I attribute this to Claire, who worked hard and pushed me hard.

When I started Occupational Therapy with Claire, I was worried that I would have limitations for the rest of my life and that I would not be able to live a full life.  Thanks to Claire’s hard work and dedication, I got my life back.”

Bruce C.

“Claire West is the best.  The first time that I met her, she exhibited a complete understanding of my condition (CRPS) and knew exactly what therapy and treatment I needed.  She gave me great hope.  Claire has a wonderful manner with patients of all ages and all walks of life.  She is very personable, compassionate, and friendly.”

Anne G.


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